Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meditation Tune-Up // Wednesdays, April 6 - 27

Fine-tune your meditation and bring more focus to your life, work, and spiritual practice.

In this 4-class course, we will calibrate our meditation with the user's guide and maintenance manual given to us 1300 years ago by Indian and Tibetan meditation masters. Looking under the hood of our minds, we'll discover where our blockages are and what kinds of tune-up we'll need to get our minds humming along on the path to bliss. Through teachings, group meditation sessions, and discussions about our personal experiences and challenges, we will hone the techniques that allow us to keep our meditation focused and deeply engaging.

This free metaphysical tune-up is good for longtime and new meditators, as well as those who have never meditated before. In other words, EVERYONE is welcome.

Some topics we will explore in detail include: setting up your meditation space, finding the right cushion, selecting a meditation object, getting yourself on the cushion, tools for fighting dullness and agitation, developing the "watcher" mind, and how to generate ngar (intensity).

For more information, contact Chelsea Bailey at chelsba@gmail.com

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