Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back by popular demand...SURF DHARMA 8/3/08

Saturdays in Aug and September "The Secret to Happiness" teachings with Ben Kapa

True Love and the Secrets of Happiness with Lama Benkapa

8 extraordinary evenings examining the true meaning of love and the secrets of happiness according to the greatest teachers who ever lived. Join Q & A discussions, make new friends and learn how to meditate. bliss nectar refreshments by Angel Anik

Saturday Eves 7-9pm Aug 2,9,16,30 Sep 6,13,20, 27 Suggested Donation $10 (none turned away) at The Three Jewels, NYC: 61 4th Ave & E 9th st, 3rd floor 212.475.6650

Class One, Part 1 of 2

Class One, Part 2 of 2

Topics of class 2: Death, Where things really come from, Three Principles of the Path, Renunciation, Bodhichitta, Emptiness, How to Start a Meditation Practice, Mindfulness
Class Two, Part 1 of 2

Class Two, Part 2 of 2

Topics of class 3: Guru Devotion, Finding a Lama, Where Spiritual Teachers really come from, How to see your Lama, The path of the relationship with your Guide,Three Principles of the Path, Renunciation, Bodhichitta, Emptiness
Class Three, Part 1 of 2

Class Three, Part 2 of 2

Class Four

Topics of class 4: Overview of Path to Enlightenment, the 5 paths, three principals of the path, and the 6 perfections

Topics of class 5:
7 Limb Prayer

Class Five

Friday, July 18, 2008

Saturday, July 26th 7pm to 9pm

“crazy wisdom”

with Shyam Singh and Christine Sperber

In this Spiritual Partner talk Christine and Shyam will talk about the radical and amazing wisdom the great Masters of Tibet used in order to turn the mind instantly to a much higher state.

When: Sat 26th July 7-9 pm (free)

Where: The Three Jewels 61 4th Ave, 3rd floor

Phone: 212. 475. 6650