Monday, January 30, 2012

ACI III: Applied Meditation, Thursdays 7:30 - 9:30pm, Begins Feb 2, 2012

Asian Classics Institute Course 3: Applied Meditation

Your mind filters & interprets every experience, literally creating your very reality from birth to death. Find the source of your world. Learn to Meditate.

This Course is a must for anyone who wishes to practice meditation effectively. Topics include: the different types of meditation, best conditions for meditation, parts of a meditation, preliminaries, posture, objects to focus the mind upon, the 5 problems, 8 corrections, and 9 states leading to the attainment of deep meditative concentration. Based on The Stages of Meditation (Bhavana Krama) by Master Kamalashila (750 AD), and presentations by Je Tsongkapa and Pabongka Rinpoche.

Hector Marcel is a Change management consultant helping executives drive transformational change in their organizations through an emphasis on culture, people and service. He applies ancient Buddhist teachings to his consulting work around the globe. Hector has been a student of Geshe Michael Roach & Tibetan Buddhist philosophy since 1995.

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