Friday, May 6, 2011

The Lady Niguma Yoga Chakra Series // Sat, May 14 12 - 6pm and Sun, May 15 12 - 4:30pm

What are chakras and why would we want to open them? The short answer is HAPPINESS. The slightly longer answer is this beautiful immersion workshop with Nicole Vigna on Lady Niguma's Yoga Chakra series.

Lady Niguma lived a 1000 years ago and designed this series (the oldest recorded yoga series that we know of) to help people conquer the negative emotions responsible for both personal and global suffering and create a happy, joyful, productive life.

Open to all, workshop participants will practice the Lady Niguma series together, explore inner body theory, how yoga works (theory and practice), and learn methods to modify the series.

Please register with Venerable Akasha Prabha at

What to bring: You and comfortable yoga clothes. Healthy food, snacks and drinks will be provided, but please bring your own lunch if you have special diet needs. You're welcome to have food delivered if that's more convenient!

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