Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lady Niguma’s Yoga // Fridays 5:30 - 6:30pm

New open level yoga class!

This powerful yoga was developed in the 11th century by Lady Niguma, partner of renowned yogi Naropa, and is the only known series specifically designed by a femal yoga master from ancient India. Lady Niguma passed the practice on to her student Kyungpo Neljor, who passed it on through a long lineage to the second Dalai Lama Gendun Gyatso and our own teacher Geshe Michael Roach.

Lady Niguma's yoga is specifically designed to eliminate the negative emotions that prevent us from achieving the life we want by using asanas to transform the inner body. This series is deeply powerful but gently accessible to students of all levels, even total newbies! Once learned, it is a half hour practice that can be used daily to keep your heart open in even the most challenging circumstances.
This class will be taught workshop style to support the development of the first generation of Lady Niguma teachers here in New York. Join us to learn the series, practice together, and carry on the lineage.

Coordinated by Chelsea Bailey and Nancy Carin

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