Monday, February 9, 2009

Arya Nagarjuna’s Song on the Root of the Middle Way starting April 4th with with Dr. Lisette Garcia & James Connor

The Root Text on Wisdom

Arya Nagarjuna’s Song on the Root of the Middle Way
Part 1 (Bok Jinpa VII)

with Dr. Lisette Garcia & James Connor

Saturday Evening
at The Three Jewels, NYC
61 4th Avenue 3rd Floor

Dates for 7-Class Series
Saturday, April, 4th, 2009
Saturday, April, 11th, 2009
Saturday, April, 18th, 2009
Saturday, April, 25th, 2009
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
Saturday, May 9th, 2009
Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Registration requested.
To purchase appropriate number of meditation journals.


To attend this course, you will be required to keep a daily meditation journal and make effort to meditate six days a week using the techniques presented.

This is a extremely difficult and advanced course. Students with a serious interest in understanding ultimate reality are welcomed. This is not a drop-in course. Previous Bok Jinpa courses, particularly Bok Jinpa II, are recommended but not required.

Course Description:
Lord Buddha predicted, “After I have passed away and 400 years have come and gone. A monk called the Naga shall appear. He is one of great faith who will uphold the teachings.”

This is Arya Nagarjuna’s greatest work on emptiness. The Root Text on Wisdom (Prajnya Nama Mula Madhyamaka Karika) clarifies the true meaning of Middle Way philosophy and systematically confronts how we misunderstand the world. This text presents the highest world-view of ultimate reality.

This is a hands-on, experiential course with weekly meditation assignments.

About Teachers:
The course is taught by James Connor and Dr. Lisette Garcia, who gained the lineage from Lama Christie McNally, who completed a three-year silent retreat in the Arizona desert. James and Lisette are long-time students of the ancient wisdom of Tibet and India, are certified meditation teachers from the Asian Classics Institute of New York and Diamond Mountain University in Arizona. They are excited about continuing to present the Bok Jinpa series and Arya Nagarjuna’s wisdom with the blessings of Lama Christie.

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