Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Save Tibet

Tell China to Wake Up Before it's Too Late!
Wake Up!

Make your voice heard by signing the petition urging China to improve its human rights conditions and demanding integrity from China and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Petition to Mr. Jacques Rogge, IOC President

Dear Mr. Rogge,

I am writing as someone who has been inspired both by the International Olympic Committee's dedication to the Olympic Truce and the Dalai Lama's peaceful efforts to find a negotiated solution for Tibet.

In light of the IOC's Olympic Truce commitment "to create a window of opportunities for dialogue, reconciliation and the resolution of conflicts...and to encourage political leaders to act in favour of peace" (, it is clear that the IOC ideals and values are very applicable for Tibet as we approach the 2008 Games. The IOC has long contended that awarding Beijing the 2008 Games will improve human rights in China, but as time passes, these assurances have not turned into concrete results.

The IOC should not let the Olympics be used by China to blatantly or insidiously try to legitimize their rule in Tibet or to promote a distorted view of the conditions there. Yet with China's selection of the Tibetan antelope (or chiru) as an Olympic mascot, we are already seeing the first results of a Chinese strategy to misuse Tibet in relation to the 2008 Olympics.

I ask that you use your good office to make real the lofty ideals of the Olympic Truce and hold Beijing to the same high standard. There is a real opportunity to promote the Olympics Truce with regards to Tibet and to improve the human rights situation there. Thank you for your help.


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